Integrative Wellness

Taking an integrative approach to wellness means analyzing the person as a whole and addressing the root cause of someone’s weight gain. Our NY Health & Wellness Team of medical, fitness and nutrition experts  can address the real issues behind weight gain and weight retention.

Root of Weight Gain

It’s important to get to the root of what’s causing weight gain and what’s preventing you from losing your desired weight… Why do you crave more food than you need? How do some people eat so little and still gain weight? How can you take a healthier approach to mealtimes? Why do you crave certain foods? How can you alleviate cravings?  What type of exercises are right for you? How can you optimize your exercise regimen? What factors—physical, psychological, social—are factoring into your weight loss endeavors?

The results that come from this integrative approach are excellent. When people are empowered to understand the complex factors behind their health circumstances — and when they learn how to navigate through them– people tend to achieve real, long-term weight loss. While diet and exercise are two very important components  of weight loss, they are not the complete picture.  A more integrative approach to wellness is the best way to both lose the weight and to maintain the loss.