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Weight Loss in Westchester

Lose up to one pound every day!! Weight Loss Medical Director Joanne DelleBovi was recently featured on eHealth Radio to discuss NY Health & Wellness’ dramatic weight loss solution — the HCG Diet.  You can listen to her interview here as Joanne answers the following questions:

  • What is HCG?
  • How long has the HCG diet been around?
  • How does HCG work?
  • What does one have to do to implement the HCG diet?
  • How many pounds should one expect to lose each day?
  • What is your opinion on the Internet HCG diets that spread online?
  • What kind of commitment does one have to make to see positive results?
  • Is it very difficult to stay on such a low calorie diet?
  • What about the weight gain when the diet is over?