Looking For a Little Menopause Weight Loss Success Motivation?

Dani Mazzilli

First of all, I just turned 62 years old and about a year ago I was in desperate need of a change in my life. I am a type 2 Diabetic and a cancer survivor, but I wanted to learn how to get healthy and jump start my weight loss. I have battled the weight my whole life and being a part of a big baseball family, the food choices have not been great, as I have spent a large part of my life watching my husband and now my son play 7 months out of the year. I was desperate for guidance and a friend of mine told me about NY Health & Wellness so I decided to give it a whirl.  The results have been amazing for me both physically and mentally. I learned how unbalanced hormones take its toll on your body over the years and began a program of vitamins/supplements to begin the change.  The Balance 3H Plus ® Program was the perfect fit.

For me, the people who work there was the secret to my success. When I wanted to give up, they held my hand and pushed me to continue and it paid off. It took a few months to get into a routine but the results were terrific…went from 195 lbs. to 172 lbs.  I believe the combo of the vitamins, the unbelievable support of Jacqie Justice, as my nutritional Guru, and the infectious personality and spirit of my workout trainer, Lisa Avellino, were key to my success.

I feel better than I have in years; people notice the changes in my body, skin and my mood!! I believe that NY Health and Wellness was the best thing to happen to me in years, and I am enjoying my healthy journey with no guilt trips, just encouragement and great results! -Dani Mazzilli
Dani Mazzilli is the wife of baseball star Lee Mazzilli and host of TV show “PM Magazine” with Matt Lauer in the 80’s.

Stacy Geisinger

I’m a big fan of NY Health and Wellness and all the amazing people behind it, who make NYHW one of the leading facilities of its kind. The Balance 3H Plus™ diet miraculously got my stalled metabolism moving again, which was transformational, and the cleanses made me feel energized from the inside out. Their nutrition, fitness and wellness experts are always on call to happily to answer every question, no matter how small. This is a manageable diet that can help a lot of women get back to feeling like their old selves. Every woman should get a free consultation –– it works!

Stacy Geisinger


Westchester, Hamptons, Palm Beach

Debbie Nigro

My new favorite sport is zipping my pants without passing out! I’m not good at diets that go

past lunch, so I’m really thrilled and amazed at how I feel and how I am starting to look since I jumpstarted my metabolism with the Balance 3H Plus™ diet from NY Health and Wellness. I call it the “stun gun” diet, because it stuns your brain so you don’t even think about peanut butter and chocolate candy or pieces or bread dunked in olive oil. Imagine that!

The diet started with a pre-cleanse and a bazillion questions I had for NYHW

nutrition director Jacqui Justice, because I had never done a cleanse and was worried about missing the wine I really like. After Day 1, I truly felt better inside, and I learned how to still have a cocktail when I want, though I’ve switched to straight tequila on the rocks with lime (less sugar).

The Two Week liver cleanse sounded intimidating, so I ran all the ingredients past my own doctors, who gave me the green light. I spent the next two weeks thinking about my

liver, versus the margaritas everyone else was drinking, while I sipped my lemon water.

I passed the liver cleanse with flying colors to clean out the toxins in advance of the next phase –– the super-easy B3H+® diet, which consists of two shakes a day (one often mixed on my lap in the car), and in-between snacks like nuts, cut up peppers, hummus, and almond butter with apple slices.

The ability to drop some weight and feel extra healthy is the best thing that’s happened to me in a while. I really love the “girlfriend vibe” at NYHW, as most of the women associated with this breakthrough diet are in the same stage of life. I’ve encouraged all my friends to get a free


Debbie Nigro

Award Winning Radio Talk Personality

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Rosanna Dellorso


NYHWPreview (1)


My experience with NY Health and Wellness has been nothing but positive. The Balance 3H Plus program has dramatically changed the way I feel about myself and given me tools to look and feel better, and stay healthy

I have lost 8 lbs, but surprisingly my belly went down.  My biggest concern was  that I be able to feel full, and Balance 3H plus from NY Health and Wellness plan was able to do that.  I believe the ingredients in the shakes and the vitamins have reset my metabolism to the point that I do not experience the hunger that I used to have on other diets.

My first meeting with Jen Dorf, the nutritionist, was amazing.  She made me feel comfortable and it was easy to tell her about my struggles with weight loss and my relationship with food. She gave me a book called the Slow Down Diet that made a big impact on how I eat a meal.

The first week was tough. The focus is on cleansing but  with the help of the nutritionist, I was able to eat the right foods and snacks  to keep me on track.  I did not lose any weight the first week.

The second week I began drinking two shakes a day. They were tasty and I substituted almond milk and other non-dairy milks to add to the shakes. My evening meals consisted of lots of vegetables. Cooking vegetables on the weekend, ahead of time, made it easier to follow the plan during the week.  I did not give up coffee but limited myself to two cups a day. The weight started to drop.

The lab work revealed a lot of deficiencies that I was not aware of, even my lack of drinking water showed  up in the results. Jen gave me information on the foods that would help me get the vitamins I was lacking. Now I make a conscious effort to drink water and with a suggestion from Jen, make it tastier by simply adding cucumbers.

I am also enjoying my workouts with Roxanne, the personal trainer.  She gives me customized workouts that are specifically geared toward my problem areas and pain.  I almost feel like it is physical therapy and not a workout because afterwords I feel great.


Check out DOROTHY GOULD and her amazing story*. After countless times trying , DOROTHY has finally reached feel-great weight, stopped her night sweats, decreased brain fog and feels important again!* Now DOROTHY, like thousands before has become a fan of the ” it’s not your fault, it’s hormones your hormones!” Movement.

  • AGE: 54
  • WEIGHT NOW: 141
  • HEIGHT: 5-5



(resetting her hormones that was making her fat)

I started at 211 and I now weigh 141.* That’s a drop of 70 pounds!* I came from a family who had never any weight issues. My siblings were considered thin, my parents, both would experience slight fluctuations in their weight, but neither had serious weight problems. I guess I was the only one, blessed with the ” fat gene”

Once I entered in my perimenopause phase, around 43 or so, my weight continuously began to rise each year, My moods shifted, my coping levels with everyone began to wane and I couldn’t get a decent night sleep. I was frustrated, depressed and felt so hopeless. I had tried everything to get myself back to the way I normally felt and looked- diets, exercise programs, supplements, and even started to see a psychiatrist to help me deal with these drastic changes I was not accustomed to feeling. Deep inside, I knew this transformation was not my fault-as if another person stepped inside of me and began controlling my body, my weight, my moods and emotions.*

* results may vary


Laura Michael Became “Fit by 50” By Learning “It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Hormones

  • Weight before: 225 pounds
  • Weight after: 136 pounds
  • Age: 50
  • Height: 5ft 6in
  • Location: Monticello , NY

When I was 48*, I decided that I would be in shape by the time that I turned 50*. I had struggled with basic tasks like going up flights of stairs for over a decade, and I knew that I had to face the daunting challenge of losing nearly 100 pounds. I was at the age where my body was changing: I was extremely tired, low libido, no passion, losing sleep—all signs that I was beginning the first stages of menopause.

*results may vary

I wanted answers, and I wanted the solution that would enable me to reach my goals. Regardless of the changes that I made though, I knew that my weight issues kept creeping up with me. Getting in shape would have been much easier if I had started fifty pounds lighter, and the distance between me and my goals never seemed to shrink.

I had heard so much about menopause and about how certain hormones can affect your physical being, especially your weight. I went online and researched the impact that changing hormones have on a women entering the stages of menopause. My doctor suggested a ketosis diet (high fat, low carb) which seemed to help for a little bit, but I still couldn’t lose the weight and I struggled to keep my morale up.

NY Health & Wellness have been game-changers. It’s well worth the drive from Monticello to Westchester, because frankly, a regular doctor doesn’t understand the needs of someone in my position. I needed a doctor who was specialized in hormones and the menopausal body, and NY Health & Wellness came through.* Thanks to their intervention into my hormone levels, I have lost and kept off nearly 100 pounds in two years.* I look and feel better on the inside and out.* Not only are stairs no longer an issue, but I just finished hiking up my first high peak (a mountain over 3,500 feet).* Thanks to the dedication and attentiveness of NY Health & Wellness’s staff, my health has completely turned around. I am so grateful to the team!

*results may vary