Beautiful young woman runner in a green forest.With Spring in full throttle (even though it still feels like Winter), we wanted to bring you some more weight loss tips from our experts. Enjoy!


Dr. Timothy Morley, Medical Director

Test for heavy metals in your body and detoxify accordingly: Toxins are everywhere—in the food we drink, the air we breathe, and even in the medications we take. Scientists have discovered that these environmental toxins wreak havoc on our bodies, making us ill and in many cases, overweight and diabetic. Once inside of your body, these chemicals can disrupt your ability to metabolize cholesterol and balance blood sugar, often resulting in insulin resistance. The bottom line is that there are no magic drugs to treat this buildup of toxins that are causing obesity and diabetes. Instead, the answer is to optimize your body’s natural ability to detoxify. At NY Health & Wellness we do exactly this—we help you by giving your body the specific detoxification tools it needs to rid itself of toxins that are making you overweight and possibly diabetic. Once we do an extensive blood panel and test for heavy metals in your system, we help you find the right kind of diet plan, as well as the right exercise regime and the right supplementation that will enhance your body’s natural ability to detox and ultimately, facilitate your weight loss.

Joanne DelleBovi, RN,  Weight Loss Medical Director

qu_04Supplement Wisely:There are so many different supplements available on the market from varied and different companies, which makes it hard not to become overwhelmed! All of them promise to melt your fat away, build muscle and help you feel energized, but most of them simply do not produce the results that they promise. This is because many vitamin and supplement brands are usually poor quality and made with sub par ingredients.

It is imperative to take the highest quality supplements in order to see the results. For example, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a fatty acid that helps the body increase metabolic rates, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and boost the immune system. Accordingly, CLA has been proven to help reduce body fat and increase muscle strength. Many people who take CLA supplements get frustrated when they don’t see any changes in their body. This is often because they are taking low quality products.

Jacqui Justice, Nutrition Director

Benefits-of-Coconut-Oil1Eat coconut oil: Believe it or not, coconut oil is one of the most weight loss-promoting fats that you can eat! That’s because coconut oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids—mostly medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs)—that help to improve metabolism. Coconut oil’s molecular properties also make it thermogenic, meaning that when eaten, it can help boost energy expenditure and fat burning. If you are worried that eating this type of fat will make you fat, don’t be scared! Remember that all fats are not equal. The MCFAs in coconut oil don’t turn into stored body fat like the longer chain fatty acids often do. Moreover, studies on MCFAs found in coconut oil also reveal that they help to curb your appetite by increasing feelings of fullness.

To experience the weight loss effects of coconut oil, drink 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil about 20-30 minutes before mealtime. This will help you to reduce your appetite and feel full and satisfied from less food. Doing this regularly will also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and prevent the spikes and drops that cause you to crave sugar. Remember to buy only certified, organic, unrefined (or virgin) coconut oil. It is important to buy only the highest quality coconut oil, because you want to make sure it hasn’t lost any of its micronutrients and that it doesn’t contain any processed chemicals.

Lisa Avellino, Fitness Director

2704700_origTake the stairs: This is an oldie fitness tip, but a goodie. Walking up the stairs burns calories and activates several muscle groups in your body. When you repeatedly lift up your own body weight step after step, you are engaging muscles in your lower body—like your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves—as well as your core muscles! It is a really great way to sculpt and tone these body parts. What’s great about taking the stairs is that you can treat it either as a low impact mini-workout or as a cardio-maximizing workout that gets your heart pumping, depending on your pace and on the number of stairs you ascend. Either way, opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator everyday is a quick and easy change you can incorporate into your daily life to optimize your weight loss efforts. All these small changes will ultimately add up!


NY Health & Wellness has its own line of pure, top-quality supplements — MD Ultraceuticals. Many of our products used for weight loss do contain CLA. These pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements are manufactured according to our “Science First” approach. This “Science First” philosophy is evident in our commitment to the research and science behind product development. We consider all of the factors that are vital to manufacture a product of the highest-caliber, both in terms of quality and in terms of efficacy. Our nutritional supplements are 100 percent natural and hypoallergenic. They are free of all forms of soy protein, wheat, gluten, hidden fillers, additives, artificial colors and coatings. Because of our comprehensive approach and exceptionally high standards, we are able to promise our customers that they are receiving a consistently superior product every time they place an order and thus,  optimize their weight loss goals.