When people think about skin care, they generally think about what can be put on their skin to keep it looking healthy and young. Moisturizers, creams, and other skin-care products have become a multi-billion dollar industry, and people of all ages are rushing to find ways to achieve better looking and better feeling skin. This ignores though, that your skin needs more than just external nourishment. It needs help from the inside as well. Here are some tips to keep your skin looking and feeling great by focusing on its internal health:

1. Eat foods or take supplements that are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants combat the oxidation that damages skin and causes wrinkles. Vitamins A (the skin vitamin), B, C, and E are all great skin-healthy vitamins, and selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, and omega-3 are all important for skin health.

2. Stay away from processed foods! Processed food tends to contain high levels of sodium, fat and sugar, which both dehydrate and damage the skin as well as cause the free radicals that damage long-term skin health.

3. Stay hydrated. You should aim to drink eight glasses of water a day, and to eat your recommended dose of hydrating foods such as fruits and vegetables.

4. Foods rich in RNA enhance our ability to repair damaged skin. Examples include salmon, tuna, lentils, beans, and sardines.

5. Watch your DHEA. DHEA is a hormone made in both our adrenal glands and in the skin. It helps  to prevent wrinkles by fighting the breakdown of collagen, which is the process which actually causes wrinkles. However, be careful with other over the counter “collagen builders,” as most of them are ineffective and possibly unsafe. DHEA can be purchased over-the-counter. (Woman’s dose is 5 to 10 mg; men, 25 to 50mg).

6. Finally, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, which age not only your skin but everything else in your body.

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