Summer can wreak havoc on our skin! The combination of sun, salt water, chlorine and those colorful cocktails make our skin more vulnerable to redness and dehydration.

Hiding under makeup is not the answer!

“Luminous, even-toned skin is the hallmark of a well-cared for complexion and nothing does the job like a professional facial treatment customized to your skins needs” says NY Health & Wellness skin and facial specialist Laura Tsudome. “Sunblock and self-tanners all summer long will cause a build-up of dry cells and congested pores that can lead to adult acne. Facials with light peels are the answer to bring your skin from burlap to silk and help to lighten brown sunspots. These treatments really take 5 years off your face, instantly!”

Laura Tsudome’s unrivaled approach to skincare is epitomized in her signature anti-aging facials. Your service begins with a quite, intimate analysis and consultation of your skins needs. From the moment Laura’s hands touch your face, you are lulled into a state of deep relaxation. Your skin will be transformed within the first two steps of Laura’s signature nourishing facials. An extensive massage will oxygenate the tissues and detoxify your skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage and increasing circulation.

Facials with essential oils will enrich with antioxidants and Clock-Stopping Nutrients. You will experience an unprecedented amount of massage, steam and gentle extraction which will leave you with the famous “Laura’s Glow.”

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