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5 Ways to Restore Your Sun-Kissed Skin

There’s no denying how amazing a little bit of sunlight can be for our skin and overall well-being! It helps our bodies manufacture vitamin D, can counteract and help beat seasonal affective disorder, and even increases oxygen content in our bloodstream. However, in addition to all of the positive benefits, more-than-needed exposure to the sun – especially during the summer months – can leave us with damaged skin, disorders, spots and harmful blemishes. For this reason, it’s important to follow up with a post-summer skin refresh, so your skin can be properly treated from any harm the sun has caused.

1.    Exfoliate First

Countless times of applying sunscreen and tanning oil from June to early September, along with daily makeup and dead cells, leaves room for plenty of buildup on our skin. The best time to exfoliate is before, after or during your daily shower, scrubbing and breaking down the skin with lukewarm and then cold water. For the best exfoliation results, try using a proper skincare product instead of the traditional water and soap combination.

2.    Thoroughly Cleanse

Once the skin has been exfoliated, it’s like starting with a fresh palette – one that doesn’t contain any excess cells or clogged-up pores. Choosing the right cleanser is really important, and has a lot to do with your particular skin type. Regardless of the feel or color of your skin, going with an antioxidant cleanser is a smart choice. The sun may damage your skin and leave it looking aged and blemished, but antioxidants offset this effect by limiting free radical production and damaged skin cells altogether. Antioxidants have also been known to enhance the skin’s appearance when used over an extended period of time.

3.    Moisturize Completely

Heat dries things out, so it makes perfect sense that our skin becomes dried up and flaky when it is exposed to more than the recommended time in the sun. Once you’ve exfoliated and cleansed your skin, use a moisturizer that is oil-free to replenish your face and other areas of the body. Since a lot of the moisture is stripped while washing skin with a cleanser, it’s important to choose one without any oil so that moisture can be properly replaced. More notably, the summer sun’s heat leaves skin with more than enough oil, so you don’t want to add any extra.

4.    Receive BroadBand Light Treatment

When our skin has been a little too affected by the sun, we experience looseness in the texture, small veins, sunspots and other unwanted conditions. While exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing are all important tactics for refreshing skin, BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment is an extremely successful way to restore your skin and keep it fresh and healthy. During the treatment, light energy is delivered by the BroadBand light, which gently heats the upper layers of your skin. This heat is absorbed through specific areas a physician chooses to target, and allows your skin cells to regenerate new collagen. Any area of skin can be rejuvenated through BroadBand Light treatment, and the outcome is restored skin, a blend of natural color and a smoother, more vibrant appearance.

5.    Try a Facial Peel

The face is one of the areas primarily affected by the sun, so indulging in a facial organic enzyme peel or detox peel is a great way to restore its skin. Cell build up inhibits healthy cell renewal, especially when our skin has experienced too much heat and product, among other things. A facial peel removes this build up so that the skin can become properly hydrated and nourished with antioxidants (as mentioned before). Facial peels typically include microdermabrasion or extractions if necessary.

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