irina-sheik-red-bikiniNY Health & Wellness is now making it possible to lose weight and look thinner than you ever have in your life! According to Mitch Suss, founder and CEO of NY Health and Wellness,  the first health and wellness center in Westchester to gain access to this new machine — you can now burn fat, lose those ugly love handles and flatten your stomach without any surgery or downtime. Suss will be introducing this breakthrough machine that burns fat and reduces cellulite at NY Health and Wellness at the end of the month.  NY Health and Wellness will be the only location in Westchester/Fairfield featuring this particular machine.  Until now, it has been available only at an elite salon on Miracle Mile, Long Island.

By combining low level laser therapy with vacuum massages, NY Health & Wellness’ brand new i-Lipo Ultra machine will enable the breakup and dissolution of persistent fat buildups — making it possible to lose inches  instantly, as well as to eliminate persistent cellulite, also known as “orange peel skin.”

“This is another win for us,” says Suss. “Our aim is to offer the most cutting-edge technology and to feature only the top experts in health and wellness.”

The i-Lipo Ultra machine has a proven record of success. In practical use, patients who undergo eight sessions experience an average fat reduction of 4.8% in the abdominal region. This translates to an average loss of 4.16cm in abdominal circumference, meaning that the average patient can expect to drop over an inch and a half of gut fat. That isn’t water weight, nor is it muscle mass that is being lost. It is 100% fat, and the results can be targeted to eliminate fat clumps from any part of a patient’s body.

The machine works with low level lasers that cause fat cells to send an internal chemical signal. This signal causes fat cells to break down triglycerides, resulting in compounds which are then released from the fat cells and pushed into the bloodstream. The vacuum massage then works to facilitate lymphatic drainage, remove fatty acids, and stimulates skin renewal. To put it in simple terms, the body’s natural processes burns fat and then tighten the skin, giving the targeted areas a tighter and smoother look.

Appointments for i-Lipo Ultra are now available at NY Health & Wellness.  Call (914) 703-4811 to reserve your time slot.  NY Health & Wellness recommends four weeks of bi-weekly sessions for a total of eight sessions. All sessions are overseen by trained professionals from the NY Health & Wellness team.