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Two studies were released on the rising rate of obesity in women.

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Join us for a Ladies Night Out with NY Health and Wellness on June 22nd

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RESIDENT Magazine Celebrated its April Issue with Cover Star Harry Hamlin

Click and see Our CEO Mitch Suss, and other staff from NY Health & Wellness in this event.

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If you haven’t heard about the awesome  fat that is clarified butter, get ready – you just might melt with excitement. Check out the article at!


NY Health & Wellness Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Balance3H+ Menopause Weight Loss Program

NY Health & Wellness, Westchester’s premier medical weight loss and hormone specialty center, is expanding its clinical team to meet the growing demand for its highly successful Balance3H+ program – a groundbreaking medically-supervised weight loss, nutrition, fitness and wellness plan tailored specifically to ease hormone fluctuations and reduce the incidence and severity of menopause symptoms such as weight gain, hot flashes, stress, dry skin and mood swings.

Daily Voice

NY Health And Wellness Launches Weekly Radio Show

NY Health and Wellness unveils the secret to weight loss with the launch of its new weekly radio show: “It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Your Hormones.”

Everyday Health

Stand Up for Diabetes Health February 2015

Whether it’s at an office desk, behind the wheel of a car, or on the couch watching TV, many Americans spend the majority of their days sitting down. Read More.

Harrison Daily Voice

Health & Wellness Center Open In Harrison, Mixing Traditional With Holistic January 2015

NY Health & Wellness, at 450 Mamaroneck Ave., focuses on mid-life hormone changes while testing the blood for toxins. Read More.

Everyday Health

The Best Exercises for Menopause December 2014

When you’re going through menopause — with all its uncomfortable symptoms, like hot flashes and mood swings. Read More.

Harrison Daily Voice

Harrison Wellness Center Signs Top Cosmetic Dermatologist April 2015

Mauer, whose clients in New York City and Long Island include undisclosed celebrity and socialite names, Read More.


NY Health And Wellness: Westchester’s New Health Approach 2015

A new wellness center in Harrison takes a comprehensive way to feeling good. Read More.


New York Health & Wellness Center Unveils Breakthrough Aging and Weight Loss Program January 2015

An “evolutionary” approach to achieving maximum weight loss and a series of integrated wellness programs aiming to reverse.. Read More.


4 Daily Cups Of Coffee Could Lower Your Skin Cancer Risk By 20% January 2015

Here’s one more reason to feel good rather than guilty about your near-religious java habit:  Read More.

Scarsdale Patch

Official Ribbon-Cutting at New York Health & Wellness Center Unveils Breakthrough January 2015

An “evolutionary” approach to achieving maximum weight loss and a series of integrated wellness programs aiming to reverse. Read More.

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