Cooking Food for Healthy Living

NY Health & Wellness welcomes its newest team member, Donna Douglass, renowned chef, creator and owner of What’s Cooking? 

Donna Douglass is on a mission to teach people about how wholesome eating can improve how they feel and live; and how healthy eating and a plant-based diet can help people to achieve optimal health and prevent chronic illness.

Donna grew up in a food-conscious environment. Her Italian grandmother insisted on preparing all of her meals with fresh vegetables grown in the family garden, and mealtime always meant enjoying good conversation and homemade Italian specialties with her family. For Donna, wholesome food has always been an essential part of life. In 2000, Donna founded What’s Cooking to teach a busy world how to enjoy healthy and wholesome food prepared with her grandmother’s philosophies.

Her business grew over the years, servicing several families and busy professionals by holding cooking classes, providing weekly meals, and preparing delicious dishes at dinner parties. The business reached new heights in 2009 when Donna graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and used her newfound nutritional knowledge to overcome a personal health issue. Since then, the business has expanded to assist families with special dietary needs through health coaching, cooking instruction, and wellness events.

How Donna Can Help You Eat Right and Improve Your Health

Donna Douglass can prepare nutritious and delicious meals in your home. In addition, she can help you with your health challenges by teaching you how to cook for your special dietary needs. Donna’s expertise includes diabetic, cardiac, and gluten-free diets. She only uses fresh, local and organic ingredients bought from Whole Foods, Mrs. Greens, Adams Acres and Nature’s Pantry. She also visits various farm markets throughout the year and brings back all sorts of “goodies” for her clients to sample.