Introduced at NY Health & Wellness By Joanne DelleBovi, RN, Assistant Medical Director, NY Health & Wellness

joanne copyJoanne DelleBovi, RN, Assistant Medical Director at NY Health and Wellness, is now introducing the HCG diet to NY Health & Wellness members — helping them experience overall good health and weight loss. Joanne has extensive expertise in the field of bioidentical hormones and has trained physicians and nurses in the clinical application of hormone therapies.  Previously, she worked at The Age Management Institute with one of the pioneers in the field of bioidentical hormones and anti-aging, Dr. Erika Schwartz.  


What is the HCG Diet and Is It Right For You? —  Q&A with Joanne DelleBovi, RN

Q. What is HCG?  

A. HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone typically produced during pregnancy. It is safe for both men and women and is routinely used by men to increase their testosterone levels.

Q. How long has the HCG diet been around?

A. In the 1950s, an English physician named A.T.W. Simeons began using HCG as a weight loss aid. His results were remarkable and have since been successfully repeated in thousands of people.

Q. How does HCG work?

A. HCG causes the hypothalamus (the master gland in the brain), to take fat cells from all over the body and convert them into fuel. As a result, fat literally melts off of your body. The HCG Diet cuts down your appetite while helping the body lose fat and preserve lean muscle.

Q. What do I have to do?

A. A daily injection of a minute amount of HCG (through a tiny insulin needle) does the trick. The shot helps to decrease your appetite so that you can follow the very specific 500-calorie a day diet regimen. To follow the diet safely and effectively, the HCG must be administered under the care of a physician or nurse who specializes in the use of hormones and diet.

Q. How many pounds should I expect to lose each day?

A. You can expect to lose between .5 and 1 pound of unwanted fat every day. The duration of the diet can be either 26 or 49 days. We have seen weight loss of up to 35 pounds in the 49-day program. There are numerous case studies of people safely losing 30, 40 and over 60 pounds on the HCG Diet.

HCG-INjections-picQ. Is the HCG Diet safe?

A. Yes — it’s extremely safe! At NY Health and Wellness, when a patient comes in for the HCG Diet we take a complete history and do a comprehensive evaluation that includes blood tests. We also go a few steps further by balancing hormones, which includes both thyroid and adrenal hormones, prior to the start of the diet, if needed.

Q. What about all of the Internet HCG diets?

A. I strongly advise that you DO NOT follow this diet online and without professional supervision —  and never take HCG in drops, they just don’t work!

Q. What commitment should I expect?

A. This diet requires a serious and total commitment. The HCG Diet is not for everyone. It comes with strict instructions and you must follow these instructions to the letter. However, the results are definitely worth the commitment!!

Q. Is it very difficult to stay on such a low calorie diet?

A. It is only possible to maintain this diet using HCG monitored by a professional because HCG actually protects you from losing muscle mass and being constantly hungry. If your body is only receiving 500 calories of food per day, it then turns to the fat stores for fuel. The body makes up the calorie deficit by burning its own fat — up to 2,000 to 2,500 calories of fat each day — which translates into .5 to 1 pound of weight loss daily.

Q. What about the weight gain when the diet is over?

A. Most unsupervised diets lead to weight gain when stopped. At NY Health and Wellness, when you finish the HCG Diet, we introduce you to our Nutrition Director Jacqui Justice who custom tailors a maintenance diet for you. This diet becomes a way of life, helping you keep the weight off permanently. Exercise is also essential, so we then get you started on a customized fitness plan with the NY Health and Wellness Fitness Director Lisa Avelli