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Have you tried everything from changing youreating habits, to exercising, to fad diets but still haven’t seen results? It’s not your fault; it’s your hormones! It’s not just what you eat and how much you exercise that matters. Understanding your hormones and how to work them is also an important part of weight loss success. There are three hormones in your body that make you lose weight. Luckily, these hormones are already being produced in your body – all you need to do is balance them. With a little help from New York Health and Wellness (NYHW), your hormones will turn your body into an amazing and efficient fat-burning machine this spring.

Balance 3H+

The three most influential hormones that are crucial to losing weight are ghrelin, leptin and cortisol. Understanding what they do and how they affect the body is the key to your weight loss success.

  1. Ghrelin: The Hunger Hormone – Don’t starve yourself! If you skip a meal, your ghrelin levels rise, making you feel so hungry that you end up bingeing on fattier foods your next meal.

  2. Leptin: The Appetite Suppressor – This hormone signals your brain when it’s time to stop eating. However, Leptin decreases as you age, making it harder to receive the appropriate signals.

  3. Cortisol: The Stress Hormone – This particular hormone makes your body hold onto fat in your abdomen when you’re faced with too much stress. As if that’s not bad enough, cortisol also signals cravings for sweet and salty foods to help you cope during a stressful time.

These hormones don’t have to work against you. Simply balancing these three essential hormones will lead to a quick, easy and permanent weight loss. You will lose belly fat, feel less hungry, more satisfied, eliminate cravings, have more energy and significantly improve your health. NYHW exclusively offers the Balance 3H+ Program – a revolutionary weight loss planfor patients with a hormonal imbalance. The Balance 3H+ Program creates the correct and optimal hormonal chemistry for fat burning and healthy cell metabolism to occur.

Balance 3H+ Reboot 15

Exercising in the proper manner can be very effective (and a great stress reliever!). The Balance 3H+ Reboot 15 is a fitness program that features short 15-minute targeted circuit workout routines that work multiple muscle groups in one session. All of the patients in our Reboot program found that shorter, smarter workouts produced faster and better results. With little rest between each circuit, you’ll keep your heart rate high throughout the entire workout, providing cardiovascular benefits in a short amount of time.

B3H+ Reset Program

Hormones become imbalanced over the years, leading to persistent weight gain, brain fog, bloating, anxiety, depression, night sweats and other unwanted symptoms.Before any of these midlife change symptoms can be detected, your hormones are already shifting 10 to 15 years prior. One hormone in particular, cortisol, can set off all other hormones in an unruly manner.It is directly responsible for the weight you carry around your abdomen, and trigged by stress. With life already full of stressors, especially during menopause, cortisol’s damage can occur often, and be extra detrimental. Cortisol levels significantly rise during menopause, disrupting your hormones, including Leptin and Ghrelin – leading to uncontrollable weight gain. With the B3H+ Reset Program, this problem can be solved – it’s a scientifically formulated and proven way to balance your hormone levels, with a guarantee of losing up to 25 pounds in just eight weeks. It’s designed to reset your hormones naturally, with an individually customized plan that is tailored to you.

Balance 3H+ Kitchen Kleanses & Supermarket Tours

You’ll learn to navigate around your local grocery store and kitchen to find the best-quality products for improving your health and to help you lose weight with our Balance 3H+ Kitchen Kleanses and Supermarket Tours. Both programs are customized just for you, based on your wellness prescription – all with the help of our Balance 3H+ nutritionist, Jessica Santiago. You’ll find out what you really need to look for on the backs of labels, how to pick your produce, meats and fish, and the differences between all natural and organic with our Supermarket Tours. With the Balance 3H+ Kitchen Kleanses, we’ll come into your home and purge it of all the unhealthy foods – and even teach you how to prepare some quick and healthy meals!

Get Started

You deserve the leaner body, healthier heart and restored energy you’ve been dreaming of, so don’t wait any longer. Take action this spring and fight against your imbalanced hormones with our Balance 3H+ programs. Simple and rewarding, our plans provide the change you’ve always wanted…and more! Call (914)-873-1465 for our spring ideal weight loss plan at NYHW.