How to: Achieve Beautiful Skin, Naturally


Taking care of your skin is very important. Both men and women need to learn the best ways to keep their skin healthy and young! Whether it is simply by washing your face every night or kicking a bad habit, there are plenty of ways to get healthy and younger looking skin in a short amount of time. Here are a few helpful tips and products that can help you achieve your goal!


  1. Smoking Causes Wrinkles & Thin Skin


Not only are smoking cigarettes unhealthy for your lungs, but it also affects other parts of your body. It is commonly known that smoking can give you wrinkles and thin your skin. This is because smoking cigarettes causes all of your blood vessels to constrict, including the vessels that feed the outer layers of your skin. When you smoke, your skin receives less of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. November is notoriously known as the time to quit smoking because of The Great American Smokeout. This may sound like a large bonfire that happens in the US, but it is actually a day that encourages all smokers to give up their bad habit of smoking. Take the initiative and get one step closer to healthy skin, starting now!


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  1. Relieve Stress Helps with Skin Health


Stress is another leading factor of poor, aging skin. From under-eye bags to fine lines, there are plenty of consequences that stress can have on your skin. It is time to learn how to relieve some of your everyday stresses so that you can sleep more soundly and be on your way to healthy looking skin again!


First, it is important to PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! After leaving work, those stresses should not be brought home with you. Unless you work in any kind of emergency response field, turn your work phone and emails off to give yourself a break.


Second, pick up a hobby. With all of the free time you will have at home (now that you’re not looking at your phone), you may find yourself bored. So think of something you’ve always wanted to do; re-organize your kitchen, read that best selling series, binge watch the latest Netflix series. Whatever your little heart desires, it can easily help reduce the time you have to think about any stressful situations. Your skin will thank you.


Lastly, treat yourself to your favorite things! For some, that may be spending time with fluffy puppies or kittens, and others may enjoy a nice glass of wine in solitude by their fireplace. Anything that you would normally love to do to relax, do it! All of these scenarios are much better than you stressing about any and all work that you have to do on Monday morning.


With all of these steps, you should quickly see an increase in the amount of time you sleep per night and a change in your home atmosphere. These steps can help make your home more of a sanctuary rather than a second office.


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  1. Washing Your Face Every Night Allows Skin to Repair


To get down to the simple steps, taking physical care of your skin is also just as important. You’ve probably heard the whole lecture about washing your face at night at some point in your life. Well, it’s time to start taking it seriously. Come the end of the night, your face is the dirtiest part of your body! It has been touched, exposed to the elements outside, and your makeup has built up into a mess. Washing away all of this is extremely important before you head off to bed. You do not want all of that dirt on your pillowcase night after night. Also, washing your face at night, allows your skin to properly repair itself. So wash your face at night to reduce oil on your face, prevent blemishes, and hydrate your skin!


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  1. Moisturize Your Skin


Washing your face is one of the most important steps, but after you strip your skin of the impurities, it also helps to moisturize. There are many different types of moisturizers that offer lots of benefits and nutrients to the skin. For starters you can try the great Power of Three Cream, which helps visibly reduce redness, fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, and puffiness.


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  1. Sunscreen Helps Maintain Beautiful Skin


The last and final step to protecting your healthy skin is sunscreen! With the constant reminder that skin cancer is real and can affect just about anyone, it is extremely important to do your best to prevent it. Whether you are going outside in the summer or in the winter, you are not invincible to the UV rays. So make a moisturizer with sunscreen part of your daily routine. Make sunscreen a habit to prevent against skin cancer and unsightly wrinkles!


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Overall, everyone has a different skin type, but there are ways that we can all achieve healthy skin. Whether it is giving up smoking or changing your cleansing routine, you can get healthier looking skin in a matter of no time! Use these great tips and the New York Health and Wellness skincare products to help you achieve real results!