Hormone Imbalances & Your Diet

For most people, fat likes to hangout around the waist, and belly fat is the hardest area of fat to lose. If hormones are the cause, you will not lose the extra weight with diet and exercise alone. You will have to address the hormonal imbalances to see a difference. If you are having difficulties losing weight despite proper diet and exercise, hormones are probably your culprit!

The main reason you will never be capable of losing weight and keeping it off is that your hormones regulate your body’s senses. Therefore, if you are experiencing crazy energy swings, uncontrollable cravings, and nagging hunger pangs you will never be able to stick to a healthy diet plan.

Effects of Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones operate your bodily responses. Meaning, your hormones will direct your response to external stimuli like food, exercise, stress, or sleep. Hormones are an extremely intricate network of chemical substances affecting the behavior of your cells. Hormones also play a major role in metabolic functions. They direct whether food gets stored or burned. They tell you whether you feel hungry or full. They can put you in a bad mood or make you crave ice cream. They can even control your motivation to exercise.

Hormonal imbalance is not always a medical issue. More often than not, most people will figure out their hormonal imbalances are due to an underlying nutritional problem. Hormonal imbalance is also tricky to test for because healthy hormone levels differ from person to person. Therefore, people should clearly understand that there is no perfect or standardized hormone level for losing weight. Every individual must learn his or her own body and pay attention for signs of hormonal imbalances. You will definitely know you have a hormonal imbalance by paying attention to three main sensations – hunger, energy and, cravings (HEC).

These three sensations lead to clues about how your body’s hormones are behaving. When you feel extremely hungry, tired all the time, and you are craving many sugary or salty foods, then your hormones are probably out of whack!

How to Balance Your Hormones

There are three steps for balancing your own hormones. When you find a way to balance your hormones, you will experience weight loss.

First off, you need to document your hunger, energy, and craving levels throughout the day. Create a simple way to measure these sensations that work for you. A daily journal could be a great idea. You could also jot notes directly onto a calendar. The most important thing is to make sure you record your notes every day. Make sure you record the specific times your energy is down or your hunger is up!

If through documentation you find out your HEC levels unbalanced, then the next step would be to increase your daily protein. Try slowly increasing from 10 grams, to 20 grams, to 30 grams. Your ideal intake will depend on your body’s reaction. So again, you will need to record your results and pay very close attention to your bodily response. Protein will help with hormonal imbalances because it stabilizes blood sugar, reduces hunger, and keeps you fuller longer. Increasing your daily dose of vegetables will also help because fiber helps with hormonal imbalances too.

Nutritional Supplements for Hormonal Balance

The third thing to do would be to start taking nutritional supplements for hormonal balance. There are many wonderful, beneficial, common-sense reasons why everyone can benefit from nutritional supplements. Supplements help your body regulate and meet the daily recommended amount of dietary nutrients. This benefit is crucial for people who do not eat a well-balanced diet.


Hormonal imbalances lead to difficulty losing weight and an increased risk for obesity. If you have been unsuccessful at losing weight, then New York Health and Wellness’ supplements should be included in your solution. Our supplements balance out top hormonal imbalances naturally and effectively. After your HEC sensations are balanced, this means your hormones have found their balance. Finally, you will be able to start thinking about and addressing your weight loss goals.