It’s normal to have a hankering for chocolate every once in a while, but if you feel that your cravings are becoming more of a ravenous feeling and occur on a consistent basis, your hormones could be to blame. Cortisol or insulin imbalances, for example, can trigger those intense urges for sugary foods like cake and cookies, while adrenal fatigue can lead to electrolyte imbalances that make you want to munch on salty snacks.

What should you do?

No one should have to live with an untreated hormonal imbalance. Remember the key to correcting these pesky imbalances and restoring harmony in your body is to address the issue at the source. NY Health & Wellness’ patented Balance 3H Plus ® Breakthrough Metabolic Weigh Loss Program does just that!

The Balance 3H Plus ® Breakthrough Metabolic Weigh Loss Program is a scientifically formulated weight loss plan where you lose pounds quickly and effectively by balancing your hormone levels naturally. It features an individually customized plan that includes vitamins and supplements, dietary changes, an individualized fitness routine, stress management and sleep techniques, among other recommendations that are tailored to your individual lifestyle.

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