Feeling Tired and Wired?

Hormonal imbalances can happen to anybody, at any age. For women, the most noticeable hormonal changes typically start occurring around the age of 40.  However, modern lifestyle factors including diet, stress, lack of sleep, improper exercise, and exposure to pollution, toxins and xenoestrogens (synthetic chemicals that act as estrogen in our bodies) can create imbalances earlier in women’s lives.

So how do you know if you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance? Here are some of the most common symptoms to look out for:

  1. You feel tired

Can’t make it past lunchtime without a caffeine pick-me-up? Do you have a mid-afternoon crash?  You are not supposed to feel so sluggish and fatigued all the time. Chronic exhaustion may be a sign of a hormonal imbalance.

  1.  You feel wired

This may seem contradictory when you are also feeling so tired, but hormonal imbalances can cause frequent oscillations between periods of increased energy and increased exhaustion.  Chronic stress dramatically increases our cortisol levels and taxes our adrenals, the glands that produce cortisol.  This causes you to fluctuate between feeling tired and wired. Eventually the adrenals become so fatigued that they quit entirely.  That’s when your cortisol levels go crashing down and you become exhausted all the time.

  1. You feel like you cannot lose that extra weight (especially in your mid-section and/or in your thighs)

Hormones play a key role in your metabolism. For people who have made changes to their diet and exercise plans and are still struggling to lose weight, a hormonal imbalance may be the underlying cause.  When your endocrine system is under stress, it results in an underproduction of certain hormones and an overproduction of other hormones, such as cortisol, by the adrenal glands.  This causes your body to store fat for future use.  This stubborn fat tends to accumulate in your mid-section and thighs.

  1. You have intense food cravings

It’s normal to have a hankering for chocolate every once in a while, but if you feel that your cravings are becoming more of a ravenous feeling and occur on a consistent basis, your hormones could be to blame.  Cortisol or insulin imbalances, for example, can trigger those intense urges for sugary foods like cake and cookies, while adrenal fatigue can lead to electrolyte imbalances that make you want to munch on salty snacks.

Can’t Lose Weight?

What should you do?

No one should have to live with an untreated hormonal imbalance. Remember the key to correcting these pesky imbalances and restoring harmony in your body is to address the issue at the source. NY Health and Wellness’ integrated wellness approach and its patented Balance 3-H Weight Loss Program, does just that. The Balance 3-H program is a scientifically formulated weight loss plan where you lose pounds quickly and effectively by balancing your hormone levels naturally. It features an individually customized plan that includes vitamins and supplements, dietary changes, an individualized fitness routine, stress management and sleep techniques, among other recommendations that are tailored to your individual lifestyle.