Just Lost 16 pounds On The ‘Stun Gun’ Diet.

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I just lost 16 pounds on what I call the ‘stun gun’ diet. Somehow stuns your brain so you never think about bread dunked in olive oil, M&M’s or or melted cheese on nachos. Imagine? My new favorite sport is showing complete strangers how I zip up my loose pants. More fun than nachos!

I can’t believe I accomplished this and I’m gonna keep going because I’ve hit on a no-brainer. I do not feel like I am dieting. Somehow I’ve turned my body into some kind of fat-burning machine.

I feel compelled to let my fellow ‘bloated belly babes’ who are struggling with the psycho mid-life weight gain know… something actually works! It’s called the Balance 3H Plus ® Metabolic Breakthrough Weight Loss Program from NY Health and Wellness. Think jumper – cables for your dead metabolism.

Honestly, for years I could never stay on a diet past lunch. It’s also been a decade since I’ve felt anything was worth giving up wine for. Gave it up – now I drink tequila with lime on the rocks or vodka on the rocks with lemon – in ‘moderation’. Wine turns to sugar and sugar is the enemy according to my new BFF Jacqui Justice, Director Of Nutrition at NY Health and Wellness.

The B3H+® diet starts with a pre-cleanse involving something called ‘fit gut’ that coats your stomach and make it feel like the Olympic Luge ride inside. I noticed an inner calm almost immediately. I begrudgingly took the additional probiotics, and digestive enzymes during this phase and bombarded poor Jacqui the nutritionist with a bazillion neurotic questions and stamped my feet until she let me have one cup of coffee in the morning even though you’re supposed to give up caffeine.

I’m neurotic about taking Advil so imagine my trepidation with strange supplements and I also never did a cleanse and I was honestly very worried about missing the wine I really really liked. I actually made Jacqui meet me at a bar and explain how this diet was going to work for me since I’m out socially a lot. “Always Pre-Game with Protein” she says when you intend to drink alcohol and have one or two max with water in between. (Thank goodness my giant purse fits a roasted chicken).

The 2 week liver cleanse that followed sounded intimidating to me so I ran all the ingredients past my own doctors who said fine go ahead if this is what you want to do.

I did. Spent 2 weeks thinking about my liver vs the wine everybody else was drinking while I sipped my lemon water. Actually felt a little superior and quite peppy being in such cool control. I took the supplements that went with the 2 shakes a day like a champ. I hate swallowing pills (fear of choking) so this was a true test for me.

Passed the liver cleanse with flying colors! AND learned to tilt my head forward to not backward to swallow pills easier! Sonofagun they slide right down! (Thanks much for that tip Nurse Valentina Havilland)

With the prettiest liver in town I then leaped to the phase I’m on now, the super easy B3H+® Lean Body which is again 2 shakes a day with supplements (one often mixed on my lap in the car) and in between until a healthy dinner- snacking on things like walnuts, cashews and almonds, and cut up peppers and hummus, and almond butter with apple slices, and avocado.

Have I been perfect on this diet? NO

Have I been successful on this? YES!

Have I learned how to eat to lose weight and have lots of energy? YES!

Will I Keep Going? YES!

Is it exciting to try on clothes that used to fit and have them fit again? YES YES YES.

Did I try on my old bikini? YES! Will I wear it out in public? NO (I’m not that stupid yet)

The ability to drop some substantial weight and stop wearing a sweater tied around my hips to hide my belly feels amazing. I feel extra healthy, mentally sharp, and truly this is the best thing that’s happened to me in awhile. If you need to feel good about yourself again and think this might help you- Please call NY Health & Wellness and ask for a FREE consultation with Nutrition Director Jacqui Justice. She’s Terrific.

I’ve asked them to let anyone who uses my name Debbie Nigro, get a 20% discount. You can start this for $199. I hope you at least call and get the free consultation. Check out NYHealthandWellness.com. Or Call 914-703-4811.


Zipping Up A Pair Of Loose Pants That Once Choked You = OMG Priceless!