Losing weight can be challenging, especially if you have tried exercising and eating right and haven’t seen any results. But losing weight doesn’t always have to be about dieting and exercising! Your inability to lose weight may be due to your hormones. If your hormones are not balanced, it is extremely easy to put on extra weight. When hormones are not balanced in some women, it can cause them to gain 10 to 15 pounds during their first month of perimenopause! Don’t let this happen to you. Stop your hormones from blocking your weight loss efforts by getting to know these five hormones.


Adiponectin is involved in the breakdown of fatty acids and takes part in regulating your body’s glucose levels. It acts as your body’s fat burning hormone, telling your body to burn fat for energy. If your body is not producing enough adiponectin, it can hinder your weight loss efforts. Recent studies have shown that low levels of adiponectin are associated with a higher rate of obesity. A lack of this hormone is a huge part of why people cannot lose weight or stay thin. To make it worse, the more overweight you are, the lower your adiponectin levels are, making it extremely hard to start losing weight in the beginning of your weight-loss journey.


Ghrelin is your hunger hormone. An overabundance of ghrelin can block your weight loss efforts. If there’s too much of it in your system, you start to become hungrier and find yourself craving unhealthy snacks. Elevated ghrelin levels will increase your food intake of fattier foods, mostly at night, and make you gain more weight. One way to help decrease your ghrelin levels is to get more sleep. Current research has shown that sleep deprivation can increase your ghrelin levels and lead to more fat storage. Getting an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep is a great way to lower your ghrelin levels and help you lose weight.


An insulin imbalance results in an excess of glucose in your system. Your body’s insulin is your glucose regulator, but it becomes less effective at lowering your blood sugars when there is an insulin imbalance. Instead of your muscles burning excess sugar into energy, most of the carbohydrates you eat get stored as fat. If you have insulin resistance, it makes it practically impossible to lose weight.


Today, people are under constant stress. Whether it is at work, school or at home, stress levels have become increasingly elevated. With more stress comes an increase in cortisol levels. Excess cortisol levels are damaging to the body and lead to cravings, overeating and a feeling of constant hunger – making you gain more weight. Elevated levels of cortisol also cause a larger percentage of fat to be stored in your abdominal area, creating a dangerous cycle. The more abdominal fat you have, the more cortisol you produce in a response to stress, causing even more abdominal fat to be stored. But that’s not all cortisol can do to your body. Cortisol can cause your body to break down muscle into energy, lowering your metabolism and making you gain more weight. However, there are different ways lower your cortisol levels. Great ways to lower your cortisol levels include reducing your caffeine intake, developing an exercise routine and getting outside for a walk.


Leptin is the hormone that signals your brain to stop eating. However, recent studies show that the majority of overweight people who are having trouble losing weight have a leptin resistance. This resistance makes leptin unable to signal the body to eat less food in order to stimulate weight loss. Due to the leptin resistance, the body senses this as starvation, causing it to store more fat instead of burning it.

Losing Weight with the Balance 3H+ Program

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