8 easy ways to help you drop unwanted pounds. 


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Gone are the days of winter hibernation as we welcome the relaxing, beautiful and warm summer season – leaving you cringing at the mere thought of squeezing into your now tight bathing suit. Yikes. While admitting to the weight you’ve gained just a few months earlier can be tough, getting back into shape – and achieving the summer weight-loss goals you’ve set for yourself – is actually a lot easier than you’d think.

Choose a Smaller Plate

Living in the United States is great for so many reasons, but there is one large flaw when it comes to our country: The poor health of its people. Aside from the obvious combination of fast food consumption and little to no exercise, American restaurants are notorious for serving diners double (or triple) what a healthy and reasonable portion of food should be. But don’t worry – you can definitely nix the bad habit of over serving yourself by using smaller plates. The smaller the plate, the smaller the portion – it’s as easy as that.


Count Your Calories

Yes, it may seem a bit excessive the first couple of weeks – but counting calories is crucial if you are trying to achieve any type of significant weight loss. Fortunately, if you have a smartphone (read: everyone), there are apps to help you keep track of what you’re consuming throughout the day – most of them can even provide you with the exact nutrition label if you enter in the brand of food; MyFitnessPal and Lose It! are two highly rated ones in particular. It’s also important to be honest, and count every single thing that you are eating – and drinking – throughout the entire day.

Head Outdoors

Summertime means longer periods of sunlight and higher temperatures, accompanied by more sunnier days than not. Move that much closer to your weight loss goal by taking advantage of the killer weather by getting active outdoors. If you like working out solo, try swimming, mountain biking or hiking at a state park or local lake. More of a people person? Get a group of friends or co-workers together and organize a recreational tennis match, soccer game or an ultimate Frisbee session.

Be Competitive

Tis the season for beach adventures, day trips and much-needed vacations. Indulge in some friendly competition with the friends and family members you are spending your summer escapades with, and set up a weight-loss contest amongst yourselves. Since everyone’s body is different, and weight-loss guidelines vary from male to female, don’t determine the winner based on whoever lost the most weight. Instead, whoever has reached his or her own personal summer weight loss goal can be the champion. The prize? Bragging rights for the rest of the summer – and a healthier, leaner and more physically fit body!

Balance Your Hormones

Sure, exercise and a healthy diet are bound to lessen the load on your scale – but sometimes, weight gain isn’t entirely our fault. In fact, there are three hormones our bodies produce that play a huge role in weight gain and weight loss: Ghrelin, the hunger hormone; leptin, the appetite suppressor; and cortisol, the stress hormone. Having the ability to balance these three hormones is one of the fastest, easiest and permanent ways to lose weight. Find a health and wellness center like New York Health and Wellness that will diagnose and treat patients who suffer from a hormonal imbalance – if you can benefit from a balancing program, weight loss, and an increased metabolism are just two of the countless benefits.

Get Inspired

Losing weight isn’t always instant, and it’s easy to get inside your own head when trying to drop the pounds. Instead of getting disappointed, get inspired instead. Create a bulletin board that boasts anything and everything you’ll need to get motivated, including inspirational quotes, delicious images of healthy food and pictures of the new bathing suits you want to fit into this summer. Need some ideas? Check out Pinterest for thousands of virtual encouragement boards to help you get started.

Establish a Realistic Goal

There are only four months of summer, so don’t set your seasonal weight-loss goal at an extreme high. Take a deep breath, relax and pace yourself – if you strive to weigh an unrealistic weight by summer’s end, you’ll set yourself up for extreme failure. Instead, make it a point to weigh yourself at the start of the season, and base any type of weight loss goal on your body mass index (BMI). You might not lose a drastic amount of weight this way, but you also won’t get discouraged and fall off the positive weight-loss track.

Be Kind to Yourself

It’s easy to compare your body to your friends’ or family members’—especially when everyone is in their bathing suits, and you’re not feeling your best. Always remember to be kind to yourself, regardless of how much you weigh or how much weight you desire to lose. Indulging in positive self talk, giving yourself credit and making yourself a priority are all constructive steps in the right direction. Losing weight can be frustrating, but there’s no one else who can take better care of your body than yourself – be sure to remember that.

There are plenty of ways to go about losing weight, but not every method yields a quick result. If you’re looking to truly slim down and achieve your personal summer weight loss goal – way before the summer’s end – the Balance 3H Plus (B3H+) program at New York Health and Wellness is the right choice for you. Conveniently located in Harrison, New York, you can schedule a free weight-loss consultation with us today, and we’ll explain how balancing and managing your hormones can help you lose weight before the summer’s end – and far beyond.